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FWIW: “Generic Brand Video” from company that deals in stock video

Take a look at “Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That’s Almost Too Real” from AdWeek. I think this is interesting in at least three ways:

  • That video is funny.
  • That video is also both funny and disturbing because of the extent to which it is tapping into the “generic”/genre conventions of these sorts of videos/PSAs/advertisements.  We could spend a lot of time analyzing the way the commonplaces work rhetorically here.
  • There’s actually a company out there that deals in all of this stock video footage and is making fun of themselves for it,

FWIW: “Copyright Week”

We’re not going to be getting to this stuff until a little later in the term, but I discovered via the blog boing-boing that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is sponsoring what it’s calling “Copyright Week.” Tons of potentially interesting links here, some of which we might come back to when we start talking in more detail about this stuff.  For what it’s worth.