Sharing video for the interviews

It sounds like everyone will be done recording interviews by the end of today, which is good– that will give us class time on Wednesday to look through what folks did, to figure out the best way to share them, etc.

It looks like the limitation with Wevideo is that you can share a project with up to 5 people for the basic accounts that we have, a number which works fine with the small groups we worked in but not so much if we want to share with a slightly larger group. So here’s what I’m suggesting:

On the class site on emuonline, I’ve sent up a unit called ‘Video Sharing Library” and under each one of those units, I’ve set up four class items for each group. Login to the site and find your names/group, and then in the discussion area called “Post it here,” upload your video as an attachment to the discussion.

My experience with emuonline is there is no limit on the size of these attachments– or maybe a better way of putting it is I haven’t run into any size limits, and the last time I taught this class a few years ago, folks were able to upload/attach files that were well over 100MB. ¬†Anyway, give that a try, and if it doesn’t work exactly right, we’ll make it work during classtime on Wednesday. Seem like a plan?

3 thoughts on “Sharing video for the interviews

  1. Danielle

    Just a heads up for Adam and Lisa:

    I went to view your video footage on the EMU Online page today and I could only view video for your B-roll footage. For the other two files, I got a green screen with audio, but no video. I’m not sure if this is just a glitch on my computer or what, so I thought I would let you know! I’m on my work computer now, so I’ll try downloading/viewing them again from my personal computer tonight.


    1. skrause Post author

      I’m traveling this weekend (well, until tomorrow actually), so my wifi is a little more sketchy than I would prefer to check this. Anyone else having these problems? One way or the other, we’ll sort this out on Wednesday during class– and be sure to bring with you the footage from cameras and the like even if you are successful in uploading it to emuonline so we can make sure that everyone can get at it to put together their own movies. Okie-dokie?

    2. Adam Czarnecki

      Hmmm… I did the PSA footage the same way and it imported into WeVideo just fine and of course you can see that, so I’m inclined to believe it’s probably the computer you’re using. Hopefully.

      Either way, I’ll bring the footage on USB on Wednesday just to be sure.


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