Our finals “showcase”

I talked with Benninghoff a bit about this, and here’s how (I think) the final experience for our class is going to work:

  • We’ll gather at the usual place (Pray-Harrold 313) at the usual time (6:30) next Wednesday (April 23). We’ll set up informally the materials we want to showcase for everyone– in our case, both your revisions of one of the first three projects– on the computers in the lab. I’ll also set up some stations with the PSAs and the Interview videos, too.
  • Benninghoff’s students will do something similar.
  • All of us– the students just in 524, the students just in 527, and the few in both– will have an opportunity to mingle, to chat, to look at each others’ projects, etc.  These aren’t going to be formal presentations but rather more of a “show and tell” and something more in the spirit of the “Celebration of Student Writing.”
  • I don’t know exactly how long this is going to take, but I’d guess we’ll be done no later than 8 pm. When we’re done, we’re officially done and we can unofficially close the semester at the ABC Microbrewery (aka “The Corner Brewery”) in Ypsilanti.  I assume that most of you have been there before, but basically, The Corner is an informal and family-friendly microbrewery tasting room.  It’s a good space for things like this because there are big tables and lots of space, they have some okay “pub food,” and a variety of soft drinks. They also of course have their beer, some ciders, and some wines (no liquor though).  As I said in class the other night, I can’t very well make people go to a bar for the final, so if we finish up our showcase and you want to go on with your life, that’s fine. But it is a nice place and a fun way to finish out what has been a fun class. (God forbid we have fun in a graduate class, heh?)

Questions? Thoughts?

16 thoughts on “Our finals “showcase”

    1. skrause Post author

      I’ll set something up next week for posting links, but we’ll also use the computers in the lab to share stuff with each other too.

  1. Molly McCord

    Sounds good to me, too.

    Steve, do you want our Interview videos and memos turned in before next week’s showcase? I know the calendar says they’re due today, but I wasn’t sure if we changed the due date…

    Also, for the revision, is there a written piece to turn in with that as well?


    1. skrause Post author

      You should turn in the interviews and memos for them as soon as you can. Technically, they’re due today, but realistically, if they aren’t in until Friday or Saturday, that’s fine with me. I have other stuff I need to catch up before then anyway.

      As for the revision: I think it’d be useful to turn in a short written piece that explains what changes you made and why. This doesn’t need to be anything particularly big or elaborate, but it’d be useful for you to explain to me what changes you made, what your goals were, etc. Does that make sense?

  2. Jennifer

    I’m turning my memo in tonight and it has the link to my video in it, so I have all my stuff in this evening per the original due date. I’ve lost track of which dates have been changed.

    1. skrause Post author

      Ha! Me too. :-)

      Well, just to be clear: if you want to play around with the interview a bit before it’s officially released to me for grading and the like, you can do that until Friday or Saturday. Much later than that and I’ll need to know what’s going on. And I hope you see what I was suggesting in terms of some sort of brief written memo with some of the details about the changes you made with your revision.

  3. Tracey Sonntag

    I have my video hosted on YouTube and the link submitted through EMUOnline. I’m going to try and knock out the memo part tonight or tomorrow after work; after that, I have to make that one last trip back home for my mom’s service and to pick up whatever she had tagged for me & Denise.

    Thanks so much to everyone for gathering all that footage and for being patient with our ginormous files.

  4. Jonathan Furlette

    Sounds like a plan! I am just putting the finishing touches on my interview project though I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to take my eyes off of it for a second and look it over in the morning. Thank you all for the hard work you’ve put into filming this, and Steve thank you for the extension.

  5. Lisa Pignotti

    Sounds good. I submitted the interview and memo last night, and I’m almost done with my revision. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work next week!

  6. Jennifer

    I have a question about the revision. If we choose to do the “50 Ways” project, do we need to revise BOTH parts, or just the weaker one of the two?

  7. Jonathan Furlette

    I just submitted my memo for the interview project and the link to the video is at the bottom. If there is another way that you would prefer this to be submitted please let me know. Thank you!

  8. Seth Taylor

    I’m trolling my neighborhood for babysitters, and not in the creepy way. In other words, I do plan to hit the bar Wednesday night, and I look forward to toasting a job well done with all or some of you. I’ll have my interview materials submitted tomorrow, Saturday.


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