Alumni/Student Interview Project

I just got done reviewing/commenting on everyone’s Interview Project videos and I for one think that they turned out pretty good. In so many ways, this project is sort of a “microcosm” of the whole course for me because it required both teamwork and independent work. ┬áIt was a “writerly” experience that was similar yet obviously different from what this would have been like if you were doing a print article interview. And it was also a project where folks had to wrestle with and conquer some of the technical things to pull this off– video editing, for example– and I’m happy to report that everyone was successful!

It’s also a project that for me exemplifies some things I keep learning about how to do these kinds of projects/how to teach this class, along with some of the dilemmas that I don’t think are going to change anytime soon. For example, I wish we had spent some time up front standardizing things like video size (like saying everyone shoot for video that’s at 720p, for example) and maybe even some around sound things. And the dilemma remains around Wevideo. On the one hand, I think we can all agree it kind of sucks– I’ll be ending my subscription to it at the end of this semester. On the other hand, we need to have some kind of common platform for working with video to make this work. I can’t very well require all students to have a newish Apple laptop with iMovie installed– though that would be ideal.

Anyway, even with these limitations and shortfalls, this is great work. Check it out below:

Danielle’s video:

Adam’s video:

Jennifer’s video:

Lisa’s video:

Jonathan’s video:

Molly’s video:

Seth’s Video:

Tracey’s Video:

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