Showcase projects and the PSAs

For 527 (Multimedia Writing and/or Writing Digital Media), the final project of the term asked students to revise one of their earlier projects. This is what we’re sharing here in these “showcase” projects. I’ll get to that in a second. But I also wanted to share here the results of the Public Service Announcement project. There were two groups; one made a PSA about the University Writing Center:

And the other made a PSA about the Written Communications major:

Okay, after the break, links to everyone’s showcase share:

Lisa’s podcast/audio assignment:

Danielle’s “how to” video assignment:

Jennifer’s intro/50 ways assignment:

Molly’s intro/50 ways assignment:

Adam’s intro/50 ways assignment:

Jonathan’s intro/50 ways assignment (times 2!):

Tracey’s “how to” video assignment:

And Seth’s on the computer he’s working on– a good chance to see Wevideo, too!

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