While I’m gone: PSAs and interviews

As you all know, I’ll be pretty absent the second part of the week this week because of the CCCCs in Indianapolis– we’ll all meet again face to face next week, and when we do, I’m hoping that each group has done a PSA analysis, a storyboard, and a script.  Hopefully, the collaboration process has already begun– and do let me know if you need any help in facilitating that collaboration or if you have any questions I can answer. I do have two basic (very basic!) suggestions for now though:

  • Collaborative Google Docs is clearly the way to go here. You can all be working on one Google document at the same time, which means that you don’t have to be in the same place at the same time to work on these documents– the analysis, the script, and even the storyboard– you can use the drawing option, for example. I’m going to assume that you are all aware of how to use this.
  • Google Hangouts. This is a little more tricky, but I’m guessing many of you have done this before too: basically, it allows you to do a multi-person live “video conference” with Google. I’ve use this several times for “hangouts” or chats or whatever you want to call them with three or four people with no problem and I think it supports up to eight pretty easily. So as long as you and your group members can agree on a time, you can “meet” electronically to talk out some of the details. Even better: Google Hangouts works quite well with Google Docs, so it’s a nice combination of collaboration with print tools and looking at each other tools.

Also in the back of your mind, keep thinking about alumni/recent graduate/about to graduate interviews. I think I might have a couple of potential people lined up, but if you all can get folks, that might be better. We’ll talk about the questions we need to ask and some more of the logistics of this next Wednesday, but perhaps we can start talking about/thinking about the questions we’d want to ask all the folks we interview?

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