Brainstorming Interview Questions

Interview Schedule Update:

I was trying to write this in an email and then stuff crashed (!), so let me try it again here…. This is what I have so far in terms of a schedule for these alumni interviews:

  • Lisa and Adam are going to interview Elaine at U of M, and hopefully some other recent EMU grads who have gone on to PhD programs and such.
  • Seth and Molly are going to interview Kim at HFCC; I think the schedule for this one is all sorted out, right?
  • I’m putting down Tracey and Danielle down for Mary and Jonathan and Jennifer down for Bryan mostly for scheduling reasons– your schedules match up in ways that will probably make this work. I just did the “email intros,” so you guys take from there to arrange the interviews themselves.
  • I have some equipment I can loan and for folks who want to take a shot at working the “fancy” camera and such, let me know. The only concern I have is with the limitations of wevideo, anything beyond using iPhones with some kind of tripod device might be “overkill.”  But like I said, get in touch with me if you need help and/or stuff.


What’s your name? When did you graduate? Undergrad or grad or both? What’s your occupation? (Establishing shot sort of interview question)

What led you to chose EMU’s program over other schools and other majors?

How did the program prepare you for your career/position/occupation?

How did the program change your perception of the kinds of career you’d want to pursue? How did it change your perception about being a writer? 

Here’s a link to the Google doc on the schedule for these interviews!

11 thoughts on “Brainstorming Interview Questions

  1. skrause Post author

    Here’s a thought we should talk about: Elaine Wisniewski emailed me and suggested that maybe it might work for her to set up an interview with a few other EMU graduates– so it’d be her and two others being interviewed by Lisa and Adam. I think that could work out well; what do you all think?

    1. Adam Czarnecki

      Would this be instead of the other three (Kim, Mary and Bryan) or are you just asking if Lisa and I are comfortable interviewing 3 people at once?

      1. skrause Post author

        No, that wasn’t what I was thinking. I was thinking that you two could interview all three of them at the same time, kind of around a table or something. Does that make sense?

          1. skrause Post author

            I think that could work quite well. We might be able to borrow that mic from Derek Mueller again and then you could position that in the middle of the table to record folks. As long as you do it in a comparatively quiet space, I think it could work.

            Oh, I should also point out that I can loan out the “fancy camera,” but I am concerned that with the limitations we have to work with on wevideo, it might be overkill and create more problems than it’s worth.

          2. Adam

            Equipment wise, Lisa, I think we’re okay. I’ve got a nice HD video camera we can use, and a table top microphone that is USB only. In this set up, the camera and the microphone are plugged into a laptop which is doing the actual recording (kind of like a mixer). I’m comfortable doing this, but if you’d rather try to grab Derek’s mic so we can just use the camcorder, that’s fine too.

  2. Jennifer

    Is there any update on scheduling the other interview? Dr. K. I sent you an email Wed. night regarding my best time slot, I hope you got it!

  3. Danielle

    I’m trying to remember…is Mary available to meet on campus? I see in her signature line that she works in Detroit, so I’m curious. Otherwise, I’m not sure I can interview her.

    Also (and I indicated this in my email to her)…if Tracey and I meet to interview her around 6 on a Wednesday, there’s a possibility we’d be missing part of our class to do so. I can’t meet this Wednesday because I’m meeting with my PSA group during that time, so that really only leaves us with next Wednesday if all the footage is due by the following Monday.

    Depending on Mary and Tracey’s availability, I could meet a different day during the week (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday)…but I’m still waiting to hear from them.

    1. skrause Post author

      I thought she said she could come to Ypsilanti– I think she lives in Ann Arbor, but I might be wrong about that. Let’s see what she says in her email and go from there. And if you have to be late to our class, that’s not a huge deal-breaker or anything.


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