The Interview Project

First, working in small groups, video an interview of a current undergraduate/graduate student in Written Communication or an alumni of our program (see below).  You will ask this person a set of questions we all agree to in class.  Along with the interview itself, you and your group members will also shoot some “B Roll” footage with the student/alum, group members, students, etc.  Each group will end up shooting approximately 30 minutes worth of video and creating an annotated version of it suitable for sharing and downloading via emuonline.

Second and individually, make selections from the “library” of video that we shoot and put together your own 5 or so minute video from that footage.  The goal will be to tell a compelling and coherent video that could  be used to promote the Written Communications program and/or to “show and tell” an audience about current and past students in our program.

Here are a few more details:

  • Part of this project will be to arrange for the interviews in the first place. We’ll talk about logistics of scheduling this in one of our face to face sessions.
  • As a group, we’ll come up with some “common questions” that will guide our interviews. By asking the same questions, we should (hopefully?) make it possible for us to each edit together coherent interviews from these different faculty.
  • As a group, we’ll also devise a common process for how we will document and/or annotate the video for our questions.  Again, this is something we’ll talk about in class, but I am imaging discussion where we will all agree on working with video in a certain format, and a process for annotating our videos to indicate what questions where asked when, etc.

Deliverables (or what you will need to “hand in”):

  • The video you collect with your group, along with the annotations that summarize the contents of the video.
  • The short video you create based on the library of videos created by the class.
  • A brief memo where you explain to the class (both me and your classmates) what tools you used to make your videos; the challenges and successes of that tool and what that has once again taught you (or not!) about writing multimedia; the challenges and successes of working with an interview subject for this project; the challenges and successes of collaborating with your classmates for this project.

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