The PSA Assignment

Working in small groups, produce a Public Service Announcement video about the undergraduate major in written communication or the University Writing Center These short PSAs will potentially be used to promote the program on our web site, the UWC on their web site, and perhaps other venues.  Besides the video itself, each group will need to produce the following deliverables via GoogleDocs before shooting the video:  An analysis that defines the problem, objective, target audience, strategy, content, and medium; A simple storyboard that sketches out in broad terms the scenes of the PSA; and a script which outlines both visual (video) and audio components.

A few more details:

  • PSAs are short, so think in terms of a video that is at most 45 second long.  And part of the challenge of this assignment is getting an effective PSA across in that small amount of time.
  • By “analysis,” “simple storyboard,” and “script,” I essentially mean the components that Friedmann describes in his book. And of course, we’ll talk about all these in class in some detail, too.  These components should be collaboratively created and presented on Google docs.
  • Finally, make sure that the video you produce involves Creative Commons content and all of the subjects in your video agree to be a part of it.

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