The “How To” Video Assignment

Create a 2 to 5 minute video where you instruct an audience “how to” do something in an accurate, informative, and engaging way. Deliverables will be the multimedia and a memo.

Here are some of the details:

  • You can create a video tutorial about anything you want, but I’d encourage you all to strive to do something that either hasn’t been done before and/or something that you think you can do more effectively. Do a search on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean: there are instructional videos for tons of different things, and in an effort to try to reach a real audience of viewers, I would encourage you to do something that hasn’t already been done a million different times.
  • This is perhaps obvious but I’ll say it anyway: you should do a video about something that you actually know how to do.
  • To capture the video/audio, you’ll need some basic equipment. Let me know if that represents a challenge. Depending on what you’re trying to do, you don’t have to be in the video and you can even employ “actors” or a “crew” to help. But don’t spend more than $10 on this.
  • To edit the video, you have to use your premium wevideo account even if you have some other software for editing video! This is important because this assignment actually serves two purposes: first, it asks you to wrestle with the often complicated task of making video instructions that are actually useful. Second, it will get you into using this software which will be important for the collaborative assignments in the second half of the term.
  • To publish the video, you’ll need to upload your finished product to YouTube.
  • We’ll have some time in class to work on these during our face to face meeting on February 12, and the final product (and memo about the process) is due by the beginning of class on March 5. We’ll use some class time that day to do some peer critique as well.

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