50+ Ways About Me

Taking a play off of Alan Levine’s 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story, each of you will introduce yourself to the class in two very short (one or two minutes, maybe even less) multimedia projects.  You should tell the same story about yourself in each of these short introductions, and at least one of these methods has to involve audio, video, and/or animation.  We’ll have some time to finish these stories in class on January 15, but you should work on them ahead of time.  They are due at the end of class on January 15 and we will share these stories with each other next week, too.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • The main purpose of this assignment is to jump in the pool and see what happens.  We’ve got to get started somewhere, and it seems to me the best way to do that is to embrace the spirit of the class, which is to try new and different and hopefully exciting things and embrace the messiness of the process.
  • Which tools you decide to use is really up to you, but keep at least three things in mind.  First, you need to use two different tools, and it seems to me that it would make sense to use two very different tools.  A closely related second:  at least one of the tools has to require some audio, video, or animation.  So what I’m getting at is don’t pick two tools that both fall under the “comic” category, etc.  Third and perhaps most important, you will be teaching yourself these tools!  We can (and will) talk about all this, but keep in mind that in most cases, I literally know as much (or as little!) about how these tools work as you do.
  • Levine’s video and exercise is a little dated, which means that not all of these tools work as well as they once did and there are other similar tools you could use for this assignment. If you have ideas about that, share with the group.
  • Come to class on January 15 mostly done because while we’ll have some time to work on these, we will be heading into other projects that day too.

Deliverables (or what you will need to “hand in”):

  • Links to the two stories of yourself.
  • A brief memo where you explain to the class (both me and your classmates): what tools you used (be specific– provide links and few sentences explaining the tool); what successes and challenges you had in working with that tool; and what this brief introductory experience taught you (or not!) about writing multimedia

5 thoughts on “50+ Ways About Me

  1. Tracey Sonntag

    Dr. Krause and all: is anyone opposed to sharing our 50 Ways links openly? I’m just really interested and curious in what the rest of y’all did.


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